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Free PC and Xbox games to play this weekend

While this weekend may be light on the offers for free games, there are still some offers for PC and Xbox gamers to pass the time (that is, if you're not still hooked on playing Palworld).

Free-to-Own (including Prime)

There are four new games that PC players can claim to own.

It's also your last change to claim to own Asteroids: Recharged and A Tiny Sticker Tale on Prime Gaming and play the free games for Luna for January.

Free Weekend

There are four free games to play this weekend, mostly for Xbox Game Pass console players.

  • This War of Mine (Steam)

  • WWE 2K23 (Xbox)

  • Phantom Abyss (Xbox)

  • MX vs ATV Legends (Xbox)

Game Pass

Finally, the latest game added to Game Pass is Go Mecha Ball. This is also your last change to play Hitman: World of Assassination on Game Pass as well as F1 2021 on EA Play.



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