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Discussing the latest Marvel movies, series, and news before the big drought | Hit Pause: MCU ep. 31

We finally talk about The Marvels, Echo, What If...? season 2, the Deadpool and Wolverine trailer, and as much Marvel news as we can in this extra long, action-packed episode before the big Marvel drought this year (unless we end up watching Madame Web).


0:00:00 - Intro

0:00:55 - Madame Web's bad reviews

0:06:07 - Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer

0:24:37 - Fantastic Four cast announced

0:36:45 - Daredevil: Born Again

0:43:35 - She-Hulk season 2 not happening?

0:47:50 - What If...? season 2 teaser

0:50:01 - Character returns (Vision, Hawkeye, and Thanos?)

0:54:03 - MCU to focus on "stronger franchises"

1:06:57 - Updated MCU Disney+ timeline makes no sense* (see description)

1:15:39 - El Muerto is still in production

1:17:39 - Echo spoiler discussion

1:36:08 - What If...? season 2 spoiler discussion

2:10:09 - Crew member dies on set of Wonder Man

2:15:42 - Thunderbolts casting

2:16:59 - Mark Ruffalo's Hulk will not be in Captain America: Brave New World

2:21:10 - The Marvels spoiler discussion

3:28:51 - H.E.R.B.I.E. will be in Fantastic Four

*Til here. When I said I didn't delve into the new Disney+ timeline, I meant it. I didn't realize that they updated the "Defenders Saga" shows to include individual seasons when I looked at it. I was just going by memory from the last time I saw this timeline on Disney+.



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