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Alone This Holiday Cover (The Used)

I'm posting this before the website is live and a week after the song was uploaded, but I have a new holiday song this year. Alone This Holiday is a song I wanted to cover for a long time. It's not well-known that The Used made an original Christmas song so I imagine this is an unexpected choice. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish this song in time for a full digital release before Christmas so it's only on YouTube for now. It will be available later on all other platforms.

As mentioned in the description of the video, AI is technically involved in the making of this cover in terms of the vocals. I'm not stealing anything from any singers. I used a synthesized vocal software called Synthesizer V which purchased vocal packs that singers helped create and distribute for sale and commercial use such as this. I consider this the same as the drums, piano, strings, and more tracks layered to create this all, which are all also synthesized. The only live instruments used in this and most songs I work on are electric, bass, and acoustic guitar. AI is just used to shape the notes and words used to create the vocal track to sound more realistic or manipulated in a way intended for use in the song.

I understand this explanation might not be enough to change the opinion of those who are vehemently opposed to AI in general but I intend to continue using this tool for music productions going forward, especially for original music and demos (such as the original demo I posted earlier this summer, shared below). I don't intend to stop collaborating with others. This is just to make music production easier and to help develop a more recognizable sound for the music I produce.

If you want the song now or the multitracks, you can consider supporting me on Patreon.


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