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Video game publishers are competing to be the worst | Spawn Trap Podcast Ep. 15

Please note that this podcast was recorded before Nintendo announced layoffs for contract testers. We discuss what we've been playing and recent releases, industry layoffs, Pokemon going after Palworld, and Warner Bros. executives not learning a thing.

Time stamps:

00:00:00 - What we're playing (heavy Final Fantasy spoilers!)

00:23:25 - Recent game releases

00:35:37 - Industry layoffs

00:44:33 - IGN lays off notable staff members soon after joining a newly formed union

00:49:33 - Ubisoft doesn't want gamers to own their games

00:56:23 - Ubisoft claims Skull and Bones is a "AAAA" game

00:59:13 - Ubisoft workers went on strike

01:03:18 - Rockstar forcing RTO

01:09:15 - Palworld vs. Pokemon

01:18:46 - Nintendo, Sony, AND Microsoft to release new hardware soon?

01:23:19 - WBD doubling down on their failures, abandoning successful games (seriously)

Official Music Credit:

Music: "8 Bit Power" By HeatleyBros

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