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Dragon Age Inquisition, Killing Floor 2, and FIVE Game Boy games? Free weekend games

All stuff, no fluff this week. Mostly because it's super late as of writing this and I said in the video that I would have links to what was mentioned. So here's a short and simple list of what's free this weekend and after.

Free to own

*In order to get the Steam code for What The Fog, you'll need to sign up for a Behavior account and their newsletter. More details here.

Free to Play / Download

Free Weekend

Xbox Game Pass & EA Play

Nintendo Switch Online - Game Boy

  • Super Mario Land

  • Alleyway

  • Baseball

  • The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls (Japan)*

*You can play Japan-exclusive Nintendo Switch Online games by creating a free Nintendo account for that region, downloading the app from the eShop, and then sign into the app with your regular Nintendo Switch Online account.



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