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The Weeknd - Starboy (Rock cover)

This is a long time coming. If you don't know the long history of my progress on this cover that I've mentioned a few times elsewhere online, this originally started years ago as a potential collaboration with another YouTube artist. It was a slow back-and-forth conversation during that time. To keep the story brief, this was a cover I initially didn't want to do only because I wasn't sure how I would translate this song into a rock version and was never happy with what I was working on. When things were finally clicking and conversations about the collab were looking positive, the other creator completely ghosted me by the time the song was finished.

I didn't want to abandon this cover, though, so I reached out to another fellow artist who I've worked with before as a replacement collaboration because I was really happy with how this was turning out. Not only was that person excited to work on it, but even helped with ideas on improving the instrumental track which are reflected in the final release. Unfortunately, that person told me that they were being "forced" to give up music and I didn't feel it appropriate to question this decision further but left the door open to work together again.

I refused to just let the project die so I put out the instrumental anyway. This has become my favorite cover to work on and I've been upset that I wasn't able to release a full cover. Now, present day, I have been experimenting with and using a new synthesized vocal tool called Synthesizer V on unreleased music or music that I've released without a vocal track. You can hear an example of that with my last Christmas cover song for Alone This Holiday by The Used. Aside from that, Starboy was my obvious number one choice to use this software with and I love how well it works.

This song is now available everywhere. You can click here to get the song on Apple Music, Spotify, and more.



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